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Captain Eye is a 4.0 technology product that monitors the learning situation and prevents myopia in young children.

How does Captain Eye work?

Captain Eye uses ultrasound to measure the distance from the device to the child's face. Then warn the child if the violation of distance. At the same time, this data is sent to your parent's or cloud phone to help you keep track of your child's education anywhere.

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Captain eye is a 4.0 technology product developed and researched by VIROBO Technology Corporation. The Captain Eye is a smart toy, which helps children to stay upright in order to minimize spine and eye diseases. It is the presence of parents who supervise their children in order to know the status of their children so that appropriate adjustment measures are taken.

Benefits of Captain Eye

- Captain Eye reminds if children do not sit properly

- Captain Eye reminds you if your child breaks the time of school, eating, playing time

- Captain Eye reminds children if they violate their schedules

Give your child Captain Eye to have a friend fix a bug and create active habits to create a solid foundation for children to enter life.

The Captain Eye app is available on Android and iOS, which is compatible with all smartphones on the market today

How does Captain Eye work?

Discover the most outstanding features that the product can bring to you and your baby.


Real-time tracking of children's sitting distance and sitting position at the scheduled time.


Schedule your child for the week. Includes both school schedules and rest periods.


View the report on distance violations and the progress of children through statistical charts on smart phones, tablets


Automatically alerts if your child breaks the distance through the phone.

Safety material

The product is made from ABS synthetic resin; resistant, scratch resistant, good insulation and completely non-toxic.

Friendly design

The product is eye-catching, cute design and cute no less convenient for children

Simple operation

Just a few basic operations you can install the product to start using.

Video introduction and user guide

APP Captain Eye

The application helps keep track of your child's behavior throughout the day, and your child's behavior statistics will be recorded to help you adjust and track how your child has progressed over time

Ms Mai Anh


"I like this device. It is very simple to use and it helps the baby at home improve the sitting position for a short time. I recommend this product to anyone with a small child like my family. "

Ms Phương Thanh


"This toy is not only attractive to children, but also fun to adults. I used the product for my office work, the results are really good. "

Versions of Captain Eye

1.690.000 VNĐ



Captain Eye Basic
  • Measure the distance
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Make a school calendar
  • Report on phone

2.490.000 VNĐ

* Free one year service fee of 300.000VND

Discount: 2.190.000 VNĐ

Captain Eye Plus
  • * Free one year service fee of 300.000VND
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Make a school calendar
  • Report on phone
  • Wifi connection
  • Integrated voice notification
  • Remote monitoring
  • Cloud Server Data Storage (*)
  • Voice recording into the device
  • (*) Maintenance fee of VND 300,000VND / year


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